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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Return from Hiatus

The minister is to use all means to save some.
- C.H. Spurgeon

I would like to consider this time that I have taken off to focus on some key projects as highly important towards the advancement of Life Path Ministries & Services as well as both my personal and professional development. That's the beauty of being a minister of the gospel. You are experiencing things on both a personal and professional level, not always at the same rate for each. Nevertheless, that brings me to this quote by Spurgeopn, the "prince of preachers."

What type of effort are you making that others might be saved? Are you making an effort with all that you have? Is it like that old school underground quote that we attribute solely to Malcolm X: "By any means necessary." [It was actually discovered to come from Freddrick Douglass initially.]

The responsibility, as Spurgeon suggests, is on the minister. It is about what the minister is willing to do in order that other people might be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. It questions whether he will lead people to Christ, teaching and preaching the gospel. It asks whether the minister will serve the people, praying for them earnestly and frequently. What we need to discover, as ministers of the Good News, is how we are to be used by God and how we are to use what God has given to us. Then, and only then, we will come to know that it takes all kinds of people and all kinds of methods in order for many people to come to know Christ as the Savior.
Amen Me!