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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do Some Good

"Do good with what you have or it will do you no good." - William Penn

You need to be able to do some good for others.  That should be a given.  The believer is to serve as a blessing.

Who was the last person whom you blessed?

I am talking about folks beyond you immediately family or even your extended family.  I mean people who do not go to your church or work on the same floor as you.  Who? I am talking about people who could not pay back the blessing.  I am talking about people who are in no position to even think about giving you anything except a kind word like "Thank you" or "god bless you."

Do some good.  Hook up with some others and do some good.  Show the world your faith by doing some good works.  Don't let this summer go by without reaching out and helping out someone else who is in need.  Start right where you are today.
Amen Me!