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Sunday, December 10, 2017

What Money Means to Ministry

"Money follows the ministry." - Timothy J. Winters

Money is a means for ministry.  We make things happen in ministry with the aid of money.  It can happen in the form of charitable donations, offerings, tithes and other ways that people give to the ministry.  Money helps the ministry.

Wise Words from Winters

When Pastor Timothy J. Winters shared his insights on money following the ministry with me, he was speaking on preparation for a minister to discover his own personal calling.  He stated that some wanted to wait on the money to begin their ministry, an approach that did not signify a high level of faith.  We are to build the ministry, and the money and other resources needed will follow the ministry's work being initiated.

What Money Means to Ministry

We do not need money to operate ministry.  

That's a fact.

There is no doubt that money helps churches, parachurches, faith-based nonprofits and countless coalitions and associations doing good works.  However, money is not the main resource for ministry.  There are other resources incorporated in the anatomy of ministry that keep it going beyond money.

Money helps ministry.

Money helps us help others beyond what we are already doing for people.

Expanding the Ministry

We can expand the ministry from what it has been or who it has been helping, even where it has been operating.  Imagine the vision it took for Robert Schuller to see the possibilities of an empty drive-in movie theatre in Orange County.  It took vision, but it also took money to build the Crystal Cathedral, to produce the longstanding Sunday TV broadcast The Hour of Power, and publish a wide array of books.  With financial support, along with patience and dedication, the ministry was able to expand beyond its origin to world-renowned standing.
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The money did not make the ministry.  The money only served the purpose of helping to expand the ministry.

Money can help us serve more people.  It can help us produce and sell more products like gear and accessories.  It can help us provide more goods and services to the poor and needy.  It can help us take our ministry further than the current borders of our service.

Money can help with expanding the ministry.

Enhancing the Ministry

Money is a means for enhancing the ministry.

In other words, the ministry can grow in a different way and to a different level with the help of money.  You can enhance the ministry with additional elements.  You might change the selection of available items at your food pantry.  You might be able to provide your volunteers t-shirts or buttons to wear while serving.  You could enhance your ministry with more money.

You just have to be careful with sponsorships and donations.  These should help you do what you do, not direct and determine what you do.  You do not want money to inhibit or limit the ministry's ability to do good for others.

Money can help enhance the ministry.

Just keep it all in mind.  Money has a place in ministry, but money only follows the ministry.  Follow your heart first.  Find your calling.  Focus on that calling and its work.  You will be overwhelmed and amazed at the world of supporters out there, especially those who have more to offer than money- a willingness to pitch in and do some of the work with you.

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